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  • £240 (up to 4 osteopaths may participate)
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The Pathway Of Learning Cranial Osteopathy With The Rollin E Becker Institute

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Upcoming Courses

We run a number of courses throughout the year, but here’s what’s happening soon:

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The Rollin E. Becker Institute aims to deliver high quality training and courses in all aspect of cranial osteopathy. We provide a diverse range of cranial osteopathy courses, and improve cranial osteopathic practice with practical experiential learning.

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Our Most Popular Courses

The Rollin E. Becker Institute runs a variety of courses throughout the year,
but there are some courses that we run regularly:

About The Rollin E. Becker Institute

The Rollin E Becker Institute is a not for profit organisation, working to provide educational resources and courses in cranial osteopathy to all osteopaths.

We have a dynamic team that works closely together and has existed and evolved over a period of 20 years.  The Rollin E Becker Institute augments academic credentials with pragmatic technical skill and a deep passion for cranial osteopathy, to ensure that Rollin E. Becker’s osteopathic vision is passed on to the next generation of Osteopaths.

  • Experience

    Our diverse faculty has a wealth of clinical and teaching experience. Eight members of our team hold university validated postgraduate qualifications in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, whilst others are actively involved in osteopathic educational establishments both in the UK and internationally.

  • SCTF Approved

    The faculty of the Rollin E Becker Institute is recognised by the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation (SCTF USA) established by Dr Sutherland himself to promote the highest standards in OCF teaching and we actively maintain links with the SCTF board.

  • Continuing the Vision

    A man of great humility, Rollin Becker emphasized the importance of treatment being guided by a ‘listening’ approach and the value in recognizing and harnessing the potential of self-corrective mechanisms within the body, using terms such as ‘physician within’ and ‘silent partner’ to convey this simple, but highly practical and important philosophical concept.

    The teaching team of the Rollin E. Becker Institute endeavor to follow this example and are privileged to have the support of Dr. Becker’s family in adopting his name for the Institute.

What others say about us

Palpation Course 2012

“Excellent course.  Really helpful and reassuring in helping my practice.  Something that would be useful to repeat periodically.  Great practical exercises – without stress/concern about ability.  Has really helped me to take a step back and achieve more.”

Palpation Course 2012participant
5-Day Course in Cranial Osteopathy

“A relaxed environment that has been amazing for learning, I really enjoyed the structure of lecture then practical then break, and the support from tutors has been very good.”

5-Day Course in Cranial Osteopathyparticipant
Balanced Ligamentous Tension Course

“I learnt loads today, everybody was friendly and supportive.  The teaching was easy to follow.  I had a great day thank you.”

Balanced Ligamentous Tension Courseparticipant
5-Day Course in Cranial Osteopathy 2013

“I found this course to be excellent. All the tutors are approachable and incredibly knowledgeable & so willing to help us understand what we’re doing. I hope to be able to repeat this course…”

5-Day Course in Cranial Osteopathy 2013participant