Cranial Foramen

Cranial Foraminae And Their Contents – HD Anatomy

An understanding of the anatomy of the skull is essential when working with the cranial mechanism. Learning the skull foraminae and their contents provides a particular challenge, but is also absolutely fundamental in this approach.

It has been said that the most effective way to learn this is to sit down in front of a skull specimen with a copy of Gray’s in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other (!)

However, the video above, clearly demonstrates the various foramen of the skull, and playback can be viewed in high resolution, (after pressing play click on the cog icon on the bar at the bottom and choose the quality from the list).

Once again, this is only an introduction to cranial anatomy relevant to osteopathic practice, and much more detail is available on our upcoming (July) 5-day course:



YouTube – “The Skull Bones – Cranial Foraminae And Contents” RobbieGVT

Featured Image‘Skull and brainstem inner ear.svg’ Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator – Creative Commons License 2.5

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