Dr Robert Fulford Treating A Child

Dr. Robert Fulford D.O. – The Philosopher Physician

Dr. Robert Fulford (1905-1997) was an inspirational osteopath who worked mainly using the cranial approach, and was greatly influenced by William Sutherland’s work on the Cranial concept.

This video, which was produced in the early 1980’s and features prominent alternative medicine advocate Andrew Weil M.D., allows us to hear from Dr. Fulford himself and gain insight into the effectiveness of cranial intervention.

The film itself has jitters in the audio in places, and Fulford’s use of the ‘Fulford hammer/percussor’ is not usual among modern UK osteopaths. However. the end of the video, when Fulford talks about prioritising function over symptoms illustrates the authenticity, kindness and osteopathic passion that Fulford quietly worked with, and is an important testament to our Osteopathic heritage.

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Video was produced by Biomedical Communications, AHSC, University of Arizona. Copyright Arizona Board of Regents.