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ENT Masterclass 2014

The ENT Masterclass is run by the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK and provides free courses in Otolaryngology and allied fields. There was a conference in January 2014, which was webcast, and the full 7 hour webcast can be viewed online.

The webcast screen takes some time to load the first time, but it does work, and provides all the powerpoint slides as well as high-quality video and audio. This large collection of high-quality post-graduate lectures is well worth diving into. Many previous webcasts from the ENT MasterClass can also be viewed at http://www.entmasterclass.com/webcast.htm

10th Annual National ENT Masterclass®
Royal College of Surgeons, London 24-26th Jan 2014

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Programme below:


Day I, Paediatrics & Otology

Session I (Paediatrics) Master Class lectures:

9:00 Mr. Michael Kuo ‘Acute Airway problems in Children’ (20 mins)

9:20 Mr Ray Clarke ‘Branchial apparatus anomalies & Management’. (20 mins)

9:40 Prof Chris Raine: ‘Masterclass on Cochlear implant surgery’. (20 mins)

10:00 Prof. A. A. Narula ‘Paediatric Sleep apnoea’.(30 mins)

10:50 Mr D Salvadurai Considerations for tympanic membrane repair in children (20 mins)

11:10 Mr. H Kubba, ‘Paediatric Neck Lumps: Evaluation & management’(30 mins)

11:40 Mr S S Musheer Hussain, ‘Can your patient hear?(20 mins)

12:00 Panel Discussion (Moderator: Mr Haytham Kubba)


Session II (Otology) Master Class Lectures:

13:40 Mr Liam Flood: ‘Pathology of the Middle Ear’ (40 mins)

14:20 Mr. Richard Irving: Intra tympanic pharmacology for the dizzy patient (20 mins)

14:40 Mr Anil Banerjee: ‘Migrainous-vertigo(20 mins)

15:00 Mr Gerry Reilly ‘The dizzy clinic’ (BPPV & Meniere’s)(30 mins)

15:50 Prof. S. R. Saeed, ‘Masterclass on skull base lesions’(30 mins)

16:20 Panel Discussion: Moderator: Prof Shak Saeed

17:20 Masterclass Report: Mr Shahed Quraishi, Director ENT Masterclass

17:40 Launch of 6th Annual Journal of ENT Masterclass®, Prof P J Bradley.

17:50 Welcome message: Mr Mike Pinkerton, Chief Executive, Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust.

18:00 Guest lecture: Prof Tony Narula, President-Elect, ENT-UK


Saturday 25th Jan 2014(Day II, Rhinology and Allied Subjects)

Session I : Prof. Anshul Sama, Mr. Derek W. Skinner, Mr Tim Woolford, Mr. Hesham Saleh ,

Miss Claire Hopkins, Mr. Shaz Ahmed, Mr Sean Carrie

8:30 Structured approach to the Frontal sinus (30 mins)

9:00 Assessment and management of Acute rhinosinusitis (+compl) (20 mins)

9:20 Assessment for rhinoplasty (30 mins)

9:50 Snoring & Sleep apnoea (20 mins)

10:10 Principles and practice of nasal reconstruction (30 mins)

11:00 Olfactory dysfunction- diagnosis and management (15 mins)

11:15 Surgery of the pituitary gland. (15 mins)

11:30 Chronic inflammation of the nose (+Granuloma, fungal) (20 mins)

11:50 Structured approach to Paranasal sinus Surgery + Compl (30 mins)

12:20 Benign tumours of the sino-nasal tract (30 mins)

13:40 Case presentations/panel discussion Moderator: Mr Hesham Saleh



15:20 Mr A Battacharya. ‘ENT textbooks for trainees; which ones?’ (20 mins)

15:40 Registrar free papers presentation:

17:00 ENT Masterclass® Gold Medal Presentations: Prof P J Bradley


Sunday 26th Jan 2014 (Day III, Head & Neck Surgery)


Session I (Head & Neck Oncology)

09:00 ENT Masterclass Lecture, 2014: Prof Mumtaz J Khan: Evaluation & management of the positive neck after treatment with chemo-radiation. (30 mins)

09:30 Mr. N. P. Beasley ‘Decision making in Head and Neck Oncology.’ (30 mins)

10:00 Mr N Beasley ‘Benign salivary gland disease’ (20 mins)

10:20 Prof P Bradley: ‘The Benefits of attending Academic Meetings’(25 mins)

11:00 Mr. V Paleri ‘Evaluation & management of the Unknown Primary’.(30mins)

11:30 Mr Neil Tolley, ‘Evaluation & management of thyroid nodules.’ (30 mins)

12:00 Dr. A. Norris ‘The ENT Anaesthetist’ (30 mins)

12:30 Prof Oliver Kaschke ‘P-16 carcinoma in the Head & Neck’ (30 mins)

14:00 Dr. B. Foran ‘Bio-chemo-radiotherapy in H&N’ (30 mins)

14:30 Mr. K Ghafoor ‘Strategy for the management of Hypopharyngeal Cancer’

15:00 Mr M Watson, ‘Reflux disease in the Head & Neck’. (30 mins)

15:30 Mr Ken MacKenzie:Incidence, evaluation and management of synchronous primary tumors of the Head & Neck

16:00 Mr. Guri Sandhu: ‘Update: Diagnosis and Management of early Larynx Cancer’. (30 mins)

16:30 Panel Discussions (Moderator: Mr. Vin Paleri)