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Dynamic Motion X-ray

Dynamic Motion X-Ray (DMX) Imaging Visualises Spinal Movement

"The Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) imaging at the American private…

'Poetry in Water' - 'Hybrid' CST Video

Although we don't talk about CST very often, this film is…
Dural Venous Sinuses

The RTM and Venous Sinuses

Dr. Robert Acland narrates a video illustrating the anatomy…

TMJ Anatomy And Function

I see a lot of patients with varying grades of TMJ dysfunction…
The Rhoton Collection - The Anterior Skull Base

The Rhoton Collection - State-Of-The-Art Dissection

The renowned neurosurgeon, Albert J. Rhoton Jnr M.D. presents…
Treatment Is Simple
Cranial Foramen

Cranial Foraminae And Their Contents - HD Anatomy

An understanding of the anatomy of the skull is essential…
The Sphenoid from Gray's Anatomy

The Sphenoid Bone - Quick Anatomy

While learning skull osteology, students often have trouble…
Fear - light at the end of the tunnel

The Vagus Nerve - Anxiety, Un-learning Fear and PTSD

The vagus nerve has multiple branches that innervate many of…