Fascia Collagen Tendrils

The Fascia – Strolling Under The Skin

Three clips from the amazing images of living fascia made by Dr. Claude Guimberteau, including views of sliding collagen fibres capable of instant morphological change, and also illustration of tensegrity phenomena. (warning – some images of dissection)

I write at length of the universality of the fascia to impress the reader with the idea that this connecting substance must be free at all parts to receive and discharge all fluids, and to appropriate and use them in sustaining animal life, and eject all impurities, that health may not be impaired by dead and poisonous fluids.

A knowledge of the universal extent of the fascia is imperative, and is one of the greatest aids to the person who seeks the cause of disease.
—A. T. Still Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy

The narrator often uses poor pronunciation (see ‘stab-ilise’, and ‘colla-gene’) but these endoscopic films of the fascia otherwise give a fascinating insight into the hidden world of our collagen framework.

Strolling Under The Skin

Strolling Under The Skin (Part 2)

Strolling Under The Skin Part 3