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SCTF-approved 5-Day Course in Cranial Osteopathy

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“A relaxed environment that has been amazing for learning, I really enjoyed the structure of lecture then practical then break, and the support from tutors has been very good.”

5-Day Course in Cranial OsteopathyParticipant
Course Details

This SCTF-approved 5-Day course in Cranial Osteopathy is designed from the ground-up to provide you with both the academic understanding and practical skills required to safely begin to work with the cranial mechanism.

Based on an anatomical and physiological understanding of the Involuntary Mechanism, participants benefit from in-depth practical tutorials where guidance is provided on a 4:1 student to tutor basis ratio.

Tutor helping a participant during practical session
Guided Practical Sessions to Help Develop Your Palpation and Treatment Skills
Foundation Level Cranial Osteopathy Course with Ken Graham Teaching
Ken Graham D.O. Teaching During the5-Day Course
Course Content

This extensive and in-depth course covers a number of different aspects of cranial work, including (but not limited to):

  • Functional and anatomy of neurocranium/viscerocranium, sacrum/pelvis, fascia and membranes
  • Functional and relational anatomy of cranial sutures, membranes and integrated structures (e.g. nerve pathways, venous sinuses etc).
  • Principles of treatment, including patterns, strains, fluid mechanism and BLT/BMT and CV4.
  • Clinical Applications of IVM work in relation to facial, paediatric and general presentations.
  • Highly structured and progressive practical sessions to elucidate academic work and help to develop your palpation skills (4:1 student to tutor ratio is maintained).

The course will explore the detailed anatomy and function of the involuntary mechanism and diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Using the involuntary mechanism approach, the emphasis will be on application in everyday osteopathic practise. Approved by the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation (USA) the course will provide extensive guided practical instruction. There will be a participant:tutor ratio of 4:1 to maximise development of practical skills.

Fees and Booking

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