The Rhoton Collection - The Anterior Skull Base

The Rhoton Collection – State-Of-The-Art Dissection

The renowned neurosurgeon, Albert J. Rhoton Jnr M.D. presents this incredible series of dissections of the anterior skull base. Intended for use as revision for neurosurgeons involved with learning an endoscopic approach, the anatomy presented here helps to illustrate the relationship between these structures and shows just how closely-packed the cranial contents are.

Anatomy As You’ve Never Seen It Before…

For those who have an interest in being able to visualise the anatomy they are working on, these slides are invaluable. As Dr. Rhoton says, we need to develop “see through x-ray vision”.

Of particular interest to osteopaths in this video, at 16mins 25 secs there begins a detailed run-through of the osteology of the anterior neurocranium, including the bony sinuses.

This video – The Anterior Skull Base – is part of a playlist of 14 comprehensive presentations covering all parts of the skull and brain – check the ‘Playlist’ on the top left of this video window or click here for the full collection on YouTube. Again, the quality can be switched up to 720p for high quality viewing by clicking the ‘cog’ icon at the bottom-right of the player window.

The Anterior Skull Base – Part 1



‘The Anterior Skull Base’ – Part of the Rhoton Collection (2D) – YouTube

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